Ditch Your Stress, Its Play Time

Happy Friday! Entering into the weekend is the perfect time to ditch your stresses and worries. In recent months the message to allow some play-time or time for some fun creative expression has surfaced numerous times in sessions with my clients. When this message appears in a reading or healing session with someone who is experiencing extreme stress and emotional turmoil, I am often met with incredulous stares. How can engaging in a ‘childish’ act of play and fun possibly be an option in such dire times?


I can totally understand their reactions. Soul therapy solutions to complex human problems don’t always seem fitting at first glance. Each time this issue comes up, I have to ask myself – how does someone who is overworked and tired, or struggling to find a job or going through painful heartache integrate a message like this?

The best way that I can explain it is that when you are submerged in a difficult situation you often become trapped in the ego’s one-sided perspective. As a result, you could be very focused on the negative aspects associated with the experience. Negativity and worry drain you emotionally, mentally and physically. This lowers your energy, your thoughts are clouded and you feel disconnected from the magic of the universe. Times like these make it hard to connect with your intuition and receive guidance. You feel stuck and fear what could happen or that things will never change. Chances are, if you are stuck in this mode of thinking, it will be very difficult to bring about positive changes in your life.


“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” ~ Albert Einstein


However, stepping out of your stressful situation for even the shortest time allows a shift to occur.  Connecting with your playful, childlike and creative self takes you out of your ego and into a space of higher vibration. Playfulness is a form of meditation in a way that unites you with your inner self, tickles your senses and invites you to be more present. Being playful puts things back into perspective so that despite all that is going on around you, you remember to laugh and to find joy in the moment. Your curiosity is aroused and you are therefore more open to new ideas and learning new things.

On a metaphysical level, it opens up your heart space (heart chakra). This state of being makes us more open to receiving. It is an act of self-love. By giving love to yourself, you open the channels that allow more love and positivity to flow to you. This is the perfect way for insights and solutions to your problems to weave their way into you consciousness.

Taking time out from the big, scary and stressful things so that you can play a little has an important place in the larger scope of your wellbeing. So when times are tough, remember to sing, dance, paint and play a little to invite the glimpses of joy back to you. Spend some time on Pinterest, browse inspirational pages on fabebook, watch a fun movie or read something that excites you. Do whatever resonates with you so that your soul is nurtured.


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