My Open Letter to You My Sister, Goddess and Fellow Soul Warrior

Note: I sent this out to all my clients and friends last week. The response and positive feedback was overwhelming and I was so glad that the message resonated with so many of these wonderful women. Inspired by the response to this letter, I decided to share it on my blog.

Good Morning Beautiful Goddess,

Happy Monday!

How are you doing today? Did you wake up with a dream in your heart and excited by life? If not, what is standing in your way?

Whatever is getting you down, stealing your joy, stultifying your inner glow and keeping you from where you want to go – It Ain’t No Thing – because you can handle it, get through it, rise above it and overcome it. I know that you can. How do I know this? Because I know what is inside of you.


You hold all of the MAGIC of the Universe inside of YOU!


Yes, you do. We all do. I’ve seen it in so many beautiful women who are just like you. I’ve learnt to see it in myself and I believe that it is in you too.

You are a powerful Goddess, and your dreams are so precious. Sometimes we think that others are lucky to have dreams and only the special few are fortunate enough to make them come true. Or we feel that we are sheepishly asking a favour of the Universe that we don’t truly deserve.


“The dreams that are breathing through your heart are dreams delivered by God.” ~ Laurel Bleadon Maffei


But the truth is that your dreams are not inconvenient favours you are asking of anyone. They are gifts that you offer to the Universe. They are gifts that only you can give and deeds that only you can fulfil, because simply put, you are one of a kind and you hold a unique space in this world that no one else does. Only you can live out the visions of your soul in the way that you are meant to. As Mother Theresa put it, with your special drop missing from the ocean of life, the world we would not be the same, because something so incredible would be missing.

Even when you can’t seem to see a clear path ahead of you – know that your dreams are your destiny because they are meant to be. If you’re facing tough times and things don’t seem to be going your way, know that life never presents you with challenges that you cannot handle. You can handle it.


Often the difficulties that you face are moulding you into an even GREAT VERSION OF YOURSELF.


When your heart is breaking because you feel you are losing something dear to you, know that sometimes what you see as a bitter ending is actually part of the process of unburdening you and helping you to let go of what doesn’t serve you to make room for new people and experiences. As the saying goes – If it is meant to be it will return to you


In the meantime, stay open to the possibility that what is lost may be replaced with something even better and more beautiful than you’d ever imagined.  


Don’t lose hope. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Step into your personal power. Own your space and own your dreams. You deserve them. Find the courage to commit to them. Take at least one step each day towards your dream. Just one step brings it that much closer to you.


Find the courage to commit to YOURSELF. Believe in yourself. But most of all, LOVE YOURSELF. Fall in love with your own beauty. Be gentle and kind with yourself. Forgive yourself for past mistakes and move forward. Free yourself of the harsh voices of self-judgement and criticism. You deserve to be loved. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to have good things happen for you.


So my sister, Goddess and Soul Warrior, I ask you to flow with your innate creative energy. Create beautiful things. Give birth to your dreams, however big or small. Follow your passion. Take that risk. Apply for that job. Write that book. Sign up for that course. Take that acting class. Go for that dance lesson. Make your music and sing that song for all to hear. Paint that masterpiece. Do that 5000 piece puzzle and frame it. Put yourself out there and connect with the love of your life. Go on that dream holiday. Drink wine under the stars in Paris. Swim with dolphins in Mauritius. Start that business, NGO or Foundation. Reach out and touch the lives of the less fortunate. Walk away from the places, people and things that break you down. Try something new. Make new friends and find a loving, supportive soul tribe of like-minded people who share your interests, who believe in your dreams and who uplift you in positive ways.


These are the things that living is for. Start living your best life now.  When else are you going to do it?    


Love, Light and Blessings

Jodi Sky Rogers




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