Little Pleasure: Things that make my heart beat faster

Little pleasures bring you joy in small ways. I love having something that makes my heart beat faster to look forward to each day. It soothes my soul. Just the sight, scent or taste of things that you love is a simple gift of bliss to brightens up your day. The more little moments of bliss I surround myself with, the more likely I am to have a wonderful day. 

Two little pleasures that I am loving right now:

Pukka Tea: The soothing LOVE blend is a made up of a beautiful mix of rose, lavender and chamomile flowers. Its subtle flavours are calming, comforting, and as the label on the box says – ‘it warms the heart’. The CLEANSE blend which includes nettle, fennel and peppermint has a lovely liquorice flavour and seems to have all the right ingredients that help to ease menstrual cramps.



Chalkboard Consol Jars: I love the chalkboard labels on these Consol jars. It’s such a clever idea. I’ve been having fun writing little love notes and positive affirmations on them when I have my daily green juice or smoothie. When using them to make herbal infusions, you don’t have to worry about sticker labels because you can simple write the info on the bottle using chalk. 



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