Horse Power and The Healing Power of Body Love

The Year of the Horse has kicked off with an eventful start. It reinforces my hopeful and intuitive sense that 2014 has incredible things in store for all of us. I am beginning to see numerous dreams folding into form all around me. Do you feel the same?

I started my week off perusing through the new Feb edition of the Wild Sister Magazine. It’s packed with great articles about loving, accepting, taking care of and being kind your body. I’m so excited to be a contributing guest writer in this edition as well. In my article, The Healing Power of Body Love + 3 Ways to Connect with your body, I share lessons learnt from my personal journey to healing PCOS, insulin resistance and a hormone imbalance. Check out the Wild Sister Mag to get your fill of Body Love stories and advice. It’s available at the low cost of only $5.

Last week, I shared a beautiful guest post from Woodspriestess, Molly. I keep rereading the beautiful poetry that she shared in the post and just love it. This week, I am looking forward to sharing another inspiring Goddess, Beth. She too has an incredible connection with Spirit, Nature and the Goddess. Beth will share a bit on plant allies, and Cedar as a plant ally in particular. 

Wishing you a wonderful and productive week ahead.

Love and Light to all. ❤



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