What are Your Restorers?

What restores you? What brings you back to wholeness when you are utterly depleted?

A warm bath with rose petals
A walk in the forest
A steaming cup of chai tea
The therapy of watching the rain from your window
Reading beautiful poetry
A quiet snooze on a soft blanket under your favourite tree, dappled light dancing on your face
The romance of stargazing from the porch on balmy evening

Our restorers are simple things, soothing things. They are things that rebuild your tired body and mend your broken soul. Do you know how to reach out for the things that restore your balance to refuel your inner juices?

What do you turn to at the end of a long day?

A hug
A healing crystal
A vase of flowers on your night stand
A soft white cotton nightdress
Lavender under your pillow
A bunch of herbs from the garden

So many things demand our energy. We are the givers, lending our hands and hearts to those who need us. We are the hard workers, pouring everything we have into the beauty we wish to create. We lose ourselves in the process. We forget to nurture ourselves back to fullness and so we run dry. Sometimes it takes reaching breaking point to heed the wild soul’s call. Only then do we remember to breathe easy, be gentle, nurture and restore so that the chambers of our hearts fill up with the energy, light and inspiration we need to keep going.

Whatever your restorers are, remember them, write them down and keep them close to your heart. Make room for them at the end of each day. They will serve you. They will heal you. They bring you back to life when you are on the brink of falling apart. And if you do fall apart, because sometimes you need to, they are the balm that will piece your fragmented soul back together.

I drew this idea of restorers from “The Restorers” card in The Druid Plant Oracle deck. It’s my favourite card in the deck, because its beautiful illustration inspires wild stories in my imagination. I see a woman looking out at the mountains, staring into the distance. A gentle breeze flows in through her window. It whispers messages of change. Overhead, dark clouds are forming and she can already taste the rain. The late summer days have come to a close and autumn is on the horizon. Already she has lit a fire in her hearth to warm her back. It was a long hot summer, one full of activity, adventure and hard work. Now she is ready to retreat to stillness. To assist her in her quest for peace and repair, she has her restorers, Rosewood, St. John’s Wort and Valerian, three plant allies that help to renew her senses, soul and mind. The black river meandering passed her cottage restores her too, the sound of its trickling music and the feel of its wet coolness flowing over her feet. On the night when the full moon is high, the river turns silver and she drenches her Goddess touched soul in its luminous waters. The moonlight kisses her soft bare skin and every part of her being is restored to wholeness in ways that she cannot explain.

It makes me feel that the art of restoration is an ancient wisdom that women of old times knew intimately, and that when we honour and nurture ourselves in this way, then we somehow awaken old truths and feminine mysteries that should never be forgotten.




6 thoughts on “What are Your Restorers?

  1. Kate Rose

    Thank you Jodi! That is right where I am at this time, taking time away, stepping back to restore and renew. Your timely words area balm to my soul. Many blessings on your day. xxx

  2. sarah

    I was talking to a woman friend just last night about this very thing – although from the perspective of how many women struggle to nourish themselves because they feel they must always be giving to others, always in service. Even in this day and age, we still have the echo in our hearts that women must put others first always. So your beautiful post has been an addition to that conversation here.

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