Spring Blessings + Book Giveaway

The sun rises earlier these days and the warm morning air is laden with quiet burst of joy here in the Southern Hemisphere. So begins the season of renewal…

What kinds of changes are setting in in your world and what are you looking forward to as the seasons shift?

I’m excited by the things I have to look forward to – A 30 yoga challenge, planting veggies, more time outdoors exploring nature and soon I’ll get back to swimming. And thoughts of foraging dandelion flowers, balm making and visiting the strawberry farm make the onset of Spring even sweeter.

This time of year stirs my wild energies in so many wonderful ways. It draws my wild essence out. So in celebration of this beautiful season and all things wonderfully wild, I am giving away a free copy my book, Wild Essence. All you have to do is answer this simple question with a comment below this blog post:

What awakens your wild inner essence and ignites a sense of freedom, peace and joy within?

Write your answer in the comments. I’ll intuitively select one person to receive a free copy of the book at the end of the week.

spring book giveaway


5 thoughts on “Spring Blessings + Book Giveaway

  1. sarah

    It sounds like you have a beautiful time ahead of you. Early spring makes me feel that way. It’s like a pirate lover luring the soul out to play in the wild places, and in these weeks of freshness and wonder, of gold moons and white oceans, it’s all fabulous. Of course, then comes the heat of summer, pressing down until all a person wants is autumn cool, brown and grey, in which to breathe again.

  2. Grant

    Taking that major decision to bring more light into my life by embracing life, laughing more and loving more deeply. These key ingredients will guide and help me to make the necessary changes in my life, to take that big step, to settle the torment, to hold the hand of joy, to breathe sweet freedom, and to begin living life to the full again. The wider universe awaits and I’m smiling broadly, ready to accept and appreciate its bounty. Inner peace is near, I can feel it and look forward to sharing it.

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