Where the Light Enters

I’ve been sitting outside in the evenings lately, enjoying the night air and breathing in the moon. I’ve needed to draw this silver light inward to touch the aching parts of me. Trying to write from an honest and authentic space as I delve into writing my new book seems to pull me into my deepest wounds, bringing to the surface things that need to be revisited and released. So I’m facing them and learning not to be so afraid of being cracked open and taking my cue from Rumi to let the light enter these wounds…Moonlight…Candlelight…Soul light…Morning light…all different kinds of healing light in their unique manner.

I feel fragile at the moment, but there is also an underlying sense of peace beneath the tough moments, because I know that I am healing deeper layers of my psyche. The more I peel away, that inner peace expands and the things that trigger me begin to fall away. Often I tell myself that I write to inspire and help others heal, but the longer I do this, the more I see how the therapy of words mend, soothe and piece together the broken fragments of my being. Time and time again, the exercise of writing proves to be a path to restoration and wholeness, a path back to my wild inner light.

As we breathe and release under the Full Moon, I’ll take this opportunity to share the Moonlight Healing meditation from the Healing Moments ebook:

See yourself lying down in an open field under the stars. The Full-moon stamps the midnight sky with a circle of light. The moonlight beams onto you. Basking in these light beams, you feel the Divine feminine energy of the Moon Goddess around you. See this feminine moonlight energy entering your brow chakra. It clears and activates your third eye, connecting you to your intuition and awakening your psychic powers. You are now open and receptive to any insights or wisdom that Divine Spirit has to share. Thank the Moon Goddess for her intuitive healing.

fullmoon blessings


2 thoughts on “Where the Light Enters

  1. sarah

    I wish for you the deep strength and wild, gentle light of the moon. I hope your healing is a steadfast process and that soon you are fulfilled.

  2. Kate

    Thank you for this blessed meditation dear Jodi. Your words ab-soul-utely mirror what I wrote in my journal this morning. Sending you lots of tender love from across the ocean…xxxx

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