Why the Wild Earth is an Amazing Spiritual Guru

I wish could find where I once read this, but don’t recall the source…

I read somewhere that Mother Earth is an ancient spiritual healer and mentor with 4 billion years’ worth of experience in breathing, living, evolving and being.

It’s quite ironic that I can’t remember where this idea came from, because it has become one of the most profound truths that I feel life taking me deeper into with every passing day.

The wild Earth is a 4 billion year old spiritual guru. She is constantly giving to us, imparting her sacred wisdom, sharing her wise and healing gifts. Sometimes just watching her in stillness can remind us of what is inside of us and remind us how to live.

While I don’t have many wild words to share right now, I will share some links that show just how the wisdom of wild Earth can guide you, affect you, shape your words or the you live:

Iris from Nabalo writes about Growing with the Seasons

Twigs and Shine: The Long Dry Season of Summer

The Voyage of the Sea Bear

A Frost Touched World

A Morning Medicine Walk

Where is my Dirt?

Happy Thursday!





3 thoughts on “Why the Wild Earth is an Amazing Spiritual Guru

  1. sarah

    Thank you for including my posts on your list, that is so kind of you 🙂 I have read a couple of the others already, but am looking forward to the others. I love your photograph too. Blessings and best wishes for a beautiful day.

  2. Anne Linn

    Thank you for gathering these links. I want to come back in a bit and read them all. Thanks too for linking to a post of mine 🙂 I also feel that the earth can teach us so much, that there are teachings all around us, that we can tap into if we walk for a bit, or sit somewhere in nature. Thanks Jodi.

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