[Call for Guest Blogposts] 500 Words of Wild Wisdom

Do you feel a deep spiritual connection with Nature?

Has spending time in the feral spaces of the natural world catalysed any lessons or healing experiences in your life?

If so, I would like to hear from you.

I invite you to share your story as part of a new guest blog post series that I’m introducing. I’m calling it “500 Words of Wild Wisdom”.

The wild Earth is one of my great life teachers, one that has brought me peace and healing in moments of need, as well as wisdom and so many profound spiritual insights. Nature’s guidance has helped me on my journey, and if you read my work, you’ll know that my relationship with Nature feeds into my writing in a big way too.

Through the 500 Words of Wild Wisdom series, I’d like to open up my blog space to share your stories. The aim of this blog series is to write about a lesson, a healing moment or some form of inspiration that you’ve drawn from Nature. It’s an opportunity for you to share your own interpretation of the wild stories and whispers that have entered your life through your connection with the Earth. As the series title indicates, the guest blog post should be between 400-500 words long.

What kind of wild wisdom has the Earth offered you? I already have a couple of beautiful submissions that I can’t wait to post. The first 500 Words of Wild Wisdom post will go out next Wednesday.

If you’d like to share your story here too, please email me: jodiskyrogers@gmail.com

Full moon blessings to you all.

500 words.jpg


2 thoughts on “[Call for Guest Blogposts] 500 Words of Wild Wisdom

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