New Moon Intentions+ Spirit Wilding Calendar

What is stirring in your heart this last New moon of the year? Have you centred on the intentions that you will be breathing through December with?

Whatever they are, may they be wrapped in gentleness and a quiet peace to nurture you, especially during the stressful moments that are known to crop up this time of year.

Restore + Creativity + Beginnings…these are the intentions I am carrying with me through the festive season and into the New Year. And the energy that each of these words embody fits perfectly with what I need and the space my soul is in right now.

On the topic of creativity, I thought that it would be good to mention that I’m currently working on the finishing touches of a printable 2016 Spirit Wilding calendar. The calendar will be available on my website early next week. This calendar includes monthly spirit wilding journalling prompts, lunar cycle dates and a pretty art therapy illustration to colour in (should you feel like it). I’ve poured some love into creating it, so I’m excited to launch it into the world.

Until then, may your weekend be full of new moon blessings.



One thought on “New Moon Intentions+ Spirit Wilding Calendar

  1. sarah

    The calendar looks lovely. Even just in that one glimpse, your gentle strong heart shines through. I hope you are blessed in your soul space and that the new year promises all kinds of beauty for you.

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