2016 Spirit Wilding Calendar Now Available!

Tuesday Blessings to you!

I am happy to share that the Spirit Wilding Calendar for 2016 that I was working on creating is now complete and available for purchase in my E-Shop. So if you would like to use it as a companion along your journey through 2016, then please do check it out. As I say on the e-shop page, I’ve intended for the calendar to be a basic tool that I hope will help you explore and delve deeper into your inner essence. The calendar therefore includes three key elements:


  • Monthly Spirit Wilding prompts which are journaling prompts or thinking points to encourage you to explore your inner world and how you make space for the things your soul needs. 
  • An Art Therapy Illustration to engage your creative side through colour and as to use a de-stress tool that relaxes the mind
  • Monthly Lunar calendar dates to stay attuned to the moon cycles which are closely linked to our intuitive feminine self and often affect the flow of our emotions and energy levels.

To find out more, please click here…

Click Here to Buy Now

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