Guest Post: My Healing Garden [500 Words of Wisdom from Laura (Magenta)]

Today’s 500 Words of Wild Wisdom guest post is from Laura. Many years ago, I dreamt of creating a healing garden full of sacred meditation space, something I still hope will come to pass in future. I imagined that it would be a place where jade souls could go to find healing and restoration. This is one of the reasons I find Laura’s story so beautiful, because she shows us the healing potential of gardens, as well as how they can used as spaces inspire people and serve communities. 

 My Healing Garden

500 Words of Wild Wisdom from Laura (Magenta)

We moved here in June, 1995 at a difficult time in our lives. My Dad was terminally ill and my partner was going through a very acrimonious split from his now ex, business partner.

We knew as soon as we saw the house it was ‘the one’, even though we first saw it on a dark, wet February night. As we stepped outside to look around, we were struck by the awesome power of a huge Ash tree, whose canopy covered half of the garden.

Sadly, Dad only saw the garden once before he passed away in the December. My way of dealing with Dad’s illness was to work out in the garden and my partner dealt with the stress of his business problems by bashing out walls inside. I spent a lot of time out in the garden; it was my solace, my sanity, my therapy, my relaxation.

Ash tree & bicycle.jpg

Over the years the garden matured and developed. The more energy we put in, the more the energy, like the plants seemed to grow. Inspired by friends who opened their garden, we opened ours for charity firstly in 2003 and then for several subsequent years raising money for many worthy causes.

The garden is an unusual shape and on several different levels too. I follow a Wiccan path and the garden is divided roughly into four areas, corresponding to the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water with lots of candles, crystals, wind chimes and shells. We have a huge ivy dragon made from clipped ivy running down the centre of the garden, and of course, the wonderful 120 year old Ash tree. Dotted around the garden are lots of recycled and reclaimed items, and my partner’s late Father’s bicycle, propped up against the Ash tree. Father always loved our garden and we felt this was a tribute to him after he passed away.

Whenever I have anything on my mind, I go out into the garden, either to work or to just sit and think. I ask the Goddess and God for advice and I always get an answer or a sign. I’ve held both solitary and group rituals out in the garden and the energy raised is quite amazing. In the summer, I often do my Tarot readings outside too. As well as human visitors who come to the garden we have a wonderful range of birds and wildlife which is amazing considering we are only 5 miles from London Heathrow airport! The most memorable was very early one May morning when a vixen brought her four cubs right up to the back door as if to show me her hard work.

As one lady who visited the garden on an open day said, “Thank you for letting me see your magical garden!” If only she knew……!

open garden pic 17 15 jun 15.jpg

About Author

Quest profile pic1.jpgLaura, who uses the name Magenta whilst working, is a Tarot & Palm reader with over forty years experience and also works with Crystals. Although not a Medium, she connects with the Universal Energy that runs through us all for advice and guidance for her clients.  She lives in the West London, England area with partner of 32 years and a beautiful ginger cat. As well as the Tarot, her other passions in life are gardening and arts & crafts. Please take a look at her website and forthcoming Blog which will be launched soon.




One thought on “Guest Post: My Healing Garden [500 Words of Wisdom from Laura (Magenta)]

  1. Kate Rose

    ah, just lovely! I really enjoyed reading this Laura, especially smiled at the image of the vixen with her cubs. Your garden sounds beautiful, thank you for sharing and thank you to Jodi for hosting this…

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