Are You Living Your Beautiful Blessing?

The last moon of our southern hemisphere summer has begun her waning journey and together with the cool morning breeze she whispers of autumn. I feel places inside of me settling into a new rhythm, especially when it comes to my writing rhythm. Words are trickling out one sentence at a time, so the new book I’m working on is slowly taking shape. These are the days that I love most, ones where I feel I am living my dream.

I still remember sitting in my old work office’s garden years ago and wondering what it would feel like. I had a mantra that I used to say – “I am a spiritual teacher and author. I love my life and I am passionate about my work. I am happy, complete, fulfilled and inspired by the work that I do.” At times that dream felt so far away, but each day I’d take time out of my lunch break to sit in the garden, connect with the Earth and then meditate on my mantra while visualising an inspired future. The joy that this vision stirred gave me strength when life was uncertain and propelled me forward towards my desired destiny.

Now, here I am. It’s not always perfect all the time, but for the most part, I am wholeheartedly grateful to be living this beautiful blessing.

Speaking of beautiful blessings, it’s worth sharing that one of my favourite soulful writers, Anne Linn Kaland, has just release a new book about her personal journey of healing from grief and loss. It’s called From Darkness to Light.

What about you dear ones? What dreams are you carrying in your heart? Are there any that have come to fruition? How does it feel to look back and know that you are now living the manifestation of that special dream you once longed deeply for?



2 thoughts on “Are You Living Your Beautiful Blessing?

  1. Little Forest Flower

    Oh I have many many dreams, that I whisper to the night. And some are already coming through, like writing my book (thank you for sharing!). And just writing in general, being able to express myself. I never thought I could be a writer.

    Thank you for Jodi, this post inspired me. I feel I’m resting right now, and soaking up inspiration like this.

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