Slow Saturday

The early morning world was wet and still a tad chilly after last night’s rain when I woke up. Since my bed was so cozy and warm, I decided to meditate and watch the sunrise from there. It was beautifully quiet. Bit by bit, as the light returned to the world it slowly spilt in through the half opened curtains. The soft sun felt so right on my skin.

My husband had already left for an extra early work shift, so I had some space to do my own thing. Last night, he reminded me to enjoy quiet moments like these now, because when we eventually have our child there will be far fewer moments like these for a long time to come. His assuredness that this lies in our near future comforted me somehow.


I got one of my favourite herbal books from the shelf, Fragrant Herbal, and sat in bed soaking in the sun while reading bits from it. How lovely it felt to have the stillness and space to indulge in such a simple pleasure. I was lucky enough to find this copy at a second hand bookstore years ago and have loved it since. It’s so beautifully written and full of pretty pictures, gardening tips, information on the herbs and inspiring ideas on how to use them.

Inspired by my morning read, I went out to garden between house chores and picked a bunch of lemon verbena and some rose geranium to put in little vases around my home. They’ve made the whole place smell divine and feel alive with their zesty and sweet herbal fragrance.


So my Saturday has been slow and still and sweet in a pretty uneventful way that feels just right for my soul at this moment…and my heart feels happy enough to hold the world in it.


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