The First Flower

(Excerpt from Wild Essence: Return to the Peace and Freedom of Your Inner Wilderness)

I love the beautiful story of the emergence of the first flower because it’s a demonstration of the impact of responding to those wild whispers. It’s hard to imagine a world without flowers. Yet, until approximately 130 to 140 million years ago, flowering plants did not exist. Plants existed as gymnosperms, just like Cypress, Cedar and Pine trees still do. Then, a sudden evolution arose in these plants. They slowly started merging their male and female reproductive components and began developing flowers. As if responding to the intuitive whispers of their inner intelligence, they connected with the creative essence within and brought their dormant artist out to play.

The result was a burst of floral creations springing to life across the Earth. In a culmination of color and fragrance the art that they created manifested in flowers of all shapes and sizes. Their delicate petals radiate such exquisiteness it is little wonder that flowers have been deemed ‘God’s laughter’ and ‘wordless prayers of Nature.’

By following the guidance of their inner essence the emergence of flowers changed the wild Earth forever. Not only did they secure the future of their own species, but they transformed habitats, secured a vast food source for almost all living creatures on the planet and became instigators and bearers of new life.



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