Hi, I’m Jodi. I’m a South African girl, living in Johannesburg. In 2011, I walked away from the madding crowd to pursue an authentic life that resonates with my truth. Now I combine my background in Eco/Nature Science with my passion Spirituality to nurture and guide women home to their Instinctual Feminine Soul, their Truth, Peace, Healing and the magic of their Inner Wilderness.

I’d describe myself as quiet, soft, intuitive – a woman of few words, rooted deeply in the centre of her inner wilds.I am a Sun kissed, Moon touched Nature loving Soul. I crave simplicity, deep peace and to be surrounded by all things Sacred and Mystical. I honour the Goddess. I find restoration in Nature. I live by the Wisdom of the Earth. I flow with the cycles of the Seasons and the Moon. I Write to sooth my soul, express my essence and inspire others.

Jodi About Me

Surviving a traumatic childhood and depression in my teens set me on a healing journey that turned me into a spiritual seeker. I am grateful for the gift of synthesizing my lessons into valuable guidance that nurtures and heals others through my writing and courses.

There are few things that I need to nurture my soul – the blessing of poetic words, art or beauty that move me, a relationship withMother Nature, a profound daily connection to Spirit and an inspiring sanctuary to dwell, create and write in.

Qualifications: BSc Degree in Environmental/Eco Science & Geography (Rhodes University)/Advanced Life Coach/Reiki Healing Practitioner/Certified Angel Card Reader/Colour Therapist/Relaxation Therapist/ Reflexologist/Dream Interpretation/ Holistic Nutrition/Munay Ki Teacher/ Moondaughter Lunar Flow Practitioner (Moon Lore).

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