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Would You Like to Bring a Mindful, Grounded and Heart-centered Perspective to your Fertility Journey?


This digital package consists of two printable bundles:

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Art Therapy for Fertility Calm is a fertility-focused colouring bundle created to encourage a sense of calm and positivity as you journey towards motherhood. It includes 10 beautiful images for you to colour in. Each colouring page is accompanied by an empowering fertility affirmation to encourage you to visualize, shift your thinking in a positive direction – affirmations that are intended to serve as gentle touchstones that help you to keep breathing in the midst of my longing for motherhood.

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The Soulful Fertility pages are a creative journaling digital bundle of worksheets that encourage heart-centred reflection along your path to parenthood. These pages offer a safe space in which to mindfully explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs around your fertility and motherhood.

When you’re caught up in the process of trying to conceive it’s easy to lose sight of the idea that this time of preparation, before becoming a parent, is a gift – it is an important period for self-analysis, reflection, self-healing and an opportunity to build a clear picture of the kind of parent you would like to be.

These Soulful Fertility pages are therefore filled with important questions and journaling prompts intended to:

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These two bundles invites you to connect to both your intuition and your creative feminine essence through meditations, positive visualisation, writing and creative exercises, art therapy and affirmations.

The fertility-focused printables are an instant digital download. Once you’ve made your purchase then you simply download the Art Therapy for Fertility Calm and the Soulful Fertility Journal file, print them out and begin your colouring and creative journaling process.

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