I wrote a new book! In ‘Mending Softly’ I share my story of loss, grief, healing and finding hope again in the aftermath of pregnancy loss.  This new book will be available in July/August 2020.

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Other Books I’ve Written:

Fertility Calm Creative Journal Paperback is now available on Amazon

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The Fertility Calm Creative Journal is a fertility-focused journal and colouring book that encourages heart-centred reflection along your path to parenthood. These pages offer a safe space in which to mindfully explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs around your fertility and motherhood. It includes a beautiful collection of colouring pages, empowering fertility affirmations and calming meditations intended to help your visualize, de-stress, as well as cultivate a sense of joy, hope and inner calm as you prepare your mind, body and soul for conception, pregnancy and ultimately for motherhood.

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My latest Kindle Book, Daily Cup of Fertility Calm is Now Available on Amazon Kindle:

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DAILY CUP OF FERTILITY CALM – Tea Meditations, Inspiration and Self-Care Practices for Anxiety Relief During the Two Week Wait.

‘Daily Cup of Fertility Calm’ is a supportive guide to help women who are trying to conceive (TTC) cultivate a sense of inner peace and calm during their ‘two week wait’, a period of time that can be stressful and overwhelming. This 14-day devotional incorporates the art of tea meditation as a mindfulness tool to help you slow down, let go of anxiety and create space for self-care. It’s filled with daily reflections, short meditations, fertility affirmations and self-care tips to help nurture and nourish you on your path to parenthood. ‘Daily Cup of Fertility Calm’ invites you to claim a bit of breathing space for yourself while you sit down with a soothing cup of tea and turn your attention to empowering thought and self-nurturing practices.

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 Flowering Within is a journey that explores the path to grace and feminine healing.

If you want guidance on how to slow down and surrender to sacredness, breathe more deeply and embody your own presence, then this book is a great resource for you.

Flowering Within looks at how to invite moments where you can connect with the holy essence in your heart and learn to see yourself through the eyes of love.

This book also explores where you can cultivate inner harmony and healing to allow your feminine soul to blossom from the inside out.

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Wild Essence takes you on an adventure into the expanses of your heart’s inner landscapes and explores empowering ways to reclaim the peace and freedom of your inner wilderness, release the fears and the barriers of domestication and to rediscover the hidden treasures embedded in your wild essence.

This book offers practical exerciseks and each chapter includes positive affirmations/mantras and meditations to help you integrate the transformational experience of reconnecting with the magical expanses of your inner wilds

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I’m  Featured In the Wild+Precious Anthology, 2015 Amazon Bestseller

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