What are Your Vibe Triggers? And How Can You Make More Space for Them

My morning is a dreamland of silver raindrops dripping from the glossy green trees. In the midst of the Sunday morning stillness I am comforted by its soothing sounds…drip, drip, drip…

There’s been an extra air of magic about all weekend. Perhaps it’s the residue of the energy set in motion by Friday’s equinox, eclipse and new moon. On the equinox, I spent some time outdoors with my husband.

Walking, exploring and breathing…

We gathered acorns, pieces of mossy bark and the little bits of Nature from the floor, all to make an autumn inspired altar next to my writing desk. Its taking shape slowly, I still want to add some candles. But in the meantime, I’m enjoying the uplifting energy that it brings to my work space.

Creating this altar reminded me that the natural world is my biggest ‘vibe trigger’, for Nature brings me back to my heart-space, to my truth and immediately shifts my energy to a more positive, high vibrational space. So having plants, feathers and little pieces of her magic near me triggers a deeper connection to the Earth, together with a flow of vibrant higher energy.

What are your vibe triggers?

By ‘vibe triggers’ I mean things that bring you back to the essence of your inner wilderness?

What takes you out of the entrapments of negativity and puts you in a space where you emanate good vibes?

The word trigger often has negative connotations. It’s commonly associated with ‘strange vibes’ people or places give us, or things that set us off, things that put us in a bad mood, revive unhealthy old patterns or open old wounds. But over a year ago, while creating lunar inspired altars for each moon phase (as part of a course that I participated in), I began to see just how the little sacred spaces that I created activated soothing or inspiring vibes that triggered something positive in me and around me each time I saw them or meditated near them.

In Wild Essence, I describe vibe triggers as “points of focus that help to keep stimulating the wild energies…little reminders or things that you surround yourself with to activate your essential self.” (or positive energy in general) Depending on what your needs are they can be entry points into a space of deeper being or simply things that activate positive emotions, feelings and good moods.

When I think of vibe triggers, so many things come to mind:

Connecting with Nature. Mantras. Creating sacred spaces. Nourishing meals. Meditation altars. Filling my home with candles and vases of beautiful flowers. Walking by the water in the moonlight. Watching sunrises and sunsets. Falling asleep to the sound of rain falling. Writing soulful words. Reading inspiring passages, poems and prose.

What do they look like for you?

Whatever they are, I hope that you find ways to explore them and make space to accommodate their inspiring vibration in your daily life wherever possible, as often as possible.