Writing Wild and Some Reasons to Celebrate

Happy Monday to you all!

How are you kicking off the magical and festive month of December?

Some pretty exciting things are happening in my life today, especially in the writing sense. For one, the final proofs of my book are done! If you don’t know already, Wild Essence is a book about liberating your spirit from the shackles of fear and domestication to return to the peace and freedom of your inner wilderness. It’s a book that comes from my heart and I see it as a love letter to the women of the world – women like me – whose souls have been broken in to submission to remind them that they are essentially wild creatures of profound beauty who are meant to be and express all of who they are, not lurk in the shadows. Below is a picture of what the final book cover looks like. So right now, I’m waiting for my author copies to arrive.

wild essence cover

I’m not sure how long that will take considering that there has been a four month long postal strike going on in South Africa. Although staff have recently returned to work, things aren’t fully resolved yet. But that aside, I wait in anticipation for the arrival of my first batch of books. I so look forward to holding the paperback books in my hands. This is a life-long dream that is finally coming into to being. And for that I am so grateful, humbled and am floating in dreamy state of bliss. I’m looking forward to doing a few book giveaways too.

In other news, today, the lovely and inspiring Jen Saunders, the founder and editor of Wild Sister Magazine launched their new Wild Sister Mag book. It’s called Wild + Precious a beautiful resource pack with stories and tips about self-love. I’m happy to share that my own contribution is also featured in the book. I wrote a piece about my experiences of self-love  and healing while dealing with health issues over the last couple of years.

wild and precious