3 Blogs Worth Reading

Don’t you love that moment in the day when you can just sit down with a cup of tea and read some of your favourite blogs? I most certainly do. Here are 3 blogs that I love to read when I have some down time:

The Indigo Vat: A woman after my own heart, California-based Sylvia is fascinated with Nature. I love exploring the wild space of California through the photos and stories she shares on her blog. Sylvia is a gifted writer. I am so intrigued by how she incorporates the wild whispers of Nature together with aspects of folklore into incredibly crafted tales for her letter story series. I recently received the first instalment of new The Elkline Epistles in the mail and loved every minute of reading her rich and poetic writing. Each story is a novel adventure and I cannot wait to see where Sylvia’s tales take me next.

Vanessa Carnevale: If you need writing inspiration, then Vanessa has a lot to offer you. She shares practical tips and inspiring writing prompts that are of great help when I need to get my creative juices flowing. I appreciate that unlike many writing blogs, she takes a more soulful approach to writing that resonates with my intuitively or spiritually inclined nature. When you sign up to her subscribers list, you get to download her free ‘Write with Presence’ e-book, which is a stunning and uplifting resource.

Little Forest Flower: Anne is a gentle and beautiful Norse soul whose blog posts are always so refreshing to read. Her soulful prose has a way of centring you in the mystery of the present moment. Reading her posts are a window into how she explores her relationship with the world and the essence of Goddess permeates her writing and one cannot help by feel connected to the Divine Nature. I love the honesty and authenticity of Anne’s beautiful writing. There is always so much of what she shares that resonates on a personal level for me.

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