The Return + Blue Moon Blessings

The Return

The sky is deceivingly blue and sunny this morning. Yet it’s freezing outside and the icy wind is still pregnant with the wild stories of winter. There are subtle changes happening though. The daffodils have sprouted. Blooming primroses are quietly making themselve know and the bird song of feathered friends I haven’t seen in months is returning too. All are welcome hints that spring will soon make her return. Right on time too, considering that tomorrow is our equivalent of Imbolc here in the South.

The Moon

Then of course, there is also a sense of excitement around tonight’s blue moon in Aquarius. Aquarius is my birth sign and when the kitchen sink overflowed while I was washing the dishes this morning (drain blockage), I wondered if it was of the force of grandmother moon pulling at my Aquarius soul. It has indeed been one of those weeks of emotionally sensitive overflow and I’ve felt blocked by fear, frustration and anger at myself and at the world. So when I sit in communion with Goddess and the moon tonight, I’ll be examining these internal blocks, releasing them and meditating on creating a greater sense of flow in my life. A cleansings smudge seems in order too.

How are you spending the blue moon? Has her energy awakened any insights in you?

Sending you Blue Moon Blessings! Here are few moon ponderings I thought I’d share:
Sarah Elwell wrote about planting flowers under the blue moon, isn’t that just beautiful? – Blue Moon Blessings

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Have a blessed, happy and peaceful weekend!