Kicking 2014 off in the Bush

How will you be seeing the New Year in?

The bush is calling me. It has been for a while. So for the next few days, that is where I will be.

I am looking forward to reconnecting with the spirit of a place so dear to my heart. I am looking forward to the wildness, the mystery and the primal calls primal calls of lions, hyenas and jackal. I am looking forward to stargazing under the midnight sky and deep conversations around the fire.

I love how the bushveld brings my inner wild woman to the fore. I love how the energy of the wild surges through my auric body and enhances my intuition somehow.

I am happy to have some quiet time to get clear on my core desired feelings, focus on my intentions for 2014 and to set in motion the alchemical process of bring my heart’s desires into being.  

These are small blessings that remind me what I have to be grateful for. And being able to start the New Year with a grateful heart, in a place that I love with the man that I love surely sets a great precedent for the year to come.