How To Touch The Moon

Have you ever touched the silver moon on a clear and starry evening?

This is what you do…

When the sun has sunken behind the hills and the sky has turned to night, then gather a small bowl of clean water in your hands and wrap your fingers around it, nice and tight. Go out into the garden under the dreamy indigo sky and feel the soft grass under your feet as the bats and night birds fly.

Breathe deeply.

Listen intently to the wild stories that the garden shadows whisper.

Look up to where mother moon is resting amongst the dancing stars and sit down beneath her. Collect her reflection on the water in your bowl and then sink your fingers into it, touching her circle of glowing light. Feel her wetness, so soft, cool and fluid. Feel the light of her soothing silver magic cleansing your hands as you touch her in the water. Cup your hands to gather her moon-drops in your palms and then wash them over your face. Let her healing flow over you and through you as you exhale, release and let her clear away everything that you are ready to let go of.

You are moon-touched, dear sister, because this is how you touch the moon.

touch the moon