How to Get What You Want

“Just ask. Ask and It Is Given. Ask and you shall receive. Good things come to those who…ask.” ` Danielle Laporte

Sometimes, the simplest way to invite the things that you desire into your life is to…ASK. Why not? You deserve good things and precious experiences that make your heart beat faster. Too often, we tell ourselves ‘who am I to ask?’ or ‘I don’t deserve good things’ or “It won’t happen for me.’

The truth is that you are no less worthy or deserving than anyone else. Good things can happen to you. But you have to put your requests out into the Universe. How? By focusing your intentions on what you want to attract and asking for it. Asking for what you want is sending out an invitation. Create space for what you desire in your life and then be willing to receive it when the opportunities and blessings arrive.

Clea Danaan is one of my favourite authors. I discovered her books a few of years ago when I set on my journey to delve deeper into eco-spirituality. I loved her writing and was really inspired by two of her books, Voices of the Earth – The Path to Green Spirituality and Sacred Land. They have been very influential in helping me deepen my relationship with the Earth.

So in light of that, I decided to connect with Clea and invite her to do a guest post for my blog. What’s the worst that could happen? I mustered up some courage and asked…and guess what? She said yes!

Tomorrow, I am excited to announce that I will be sharing a beautiful guest post by Clea Danaan, called Sacred Tree: A Prayer to the Land. 

Through finding the courage to ask, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to connect with Clea, as well as the amazing bloggers who truly inspire me, like Woodpriestess, Molly, the incredible Beth Katherine and all of the other guest writers who you’ve seen on my blog. These exciting little experiences have reminded me of how important it is to put yourself out there, ask and be open to the possibilities. The Universe may not always respond with what I want in the way that I want it. But it’s always worth a try and when the things that my heart desires do show up, I am all the more grateful for them.

What do you want? As Danielle Laporte said:

 Ask and keep asking. Ask the universe, your boss, your crush, bank manager, bus driver, car salesman…ask for what you want and keep on asking.