New Moon Blessings

 Take a moment to breathe in Love, then exhale Gratitude. It’s a new week and New Moon!

While those in the North honour the Corn Moon, I am honouring the Sage Moon here in the Southern Hemisphere. Today, I begin another lunar cycle participating in Moondaughter’s Lunar Flow e-course. So, I’ll be taking a moment to light a candle, meditate with amethyst crystals and to clarify me intentions. I am super excited to be reconnecting with the Moon energy and the loving presence of Goddess in this way. I’ve neglected to do so in recent months.

Nevertherless, this is just a little message to send you all New Moon Blessings and to remind you that now is the perfect time to focus your intentions on the light, abundance and beauty that you want to attract. What do you want to feel this week? What do want to feel in this new month of the moon cycle? Turn these feelings into mantras and meditations. May your hearts desires be blessed and made manifest for your highest good and the highest good of all. 

  new moon blessings1