A Thousand Ways to Draw the Sun

My husband woke up early so we could watch the sunrise together. It was a sweet and rare treat, because usually I rise early on my own to meditate and journal while he sleeps in. So we made some tea, braced the cold and together we watched the colours of night turn to a fresh young winter morning. It’s almost as if the sun burns the night way to make room for new life.

We didn’t get to see the sun rise up from the horizon like we did in the forest last year. The boundary wall and trees block the view. Instead, we watched the sky shift from indigo to crimson to gold and then to pale blue – gracefully, seamlessly transitioning into another beginning. I imagined the sun as a performer dancing passionately through each scene and the set around her changing with each act.

I draw the pictures of mornings and sunrises a lot. Not with pencils, but with my words. I often wonder if I’ll run out of ways to describe the sun. It is after all the same sun doing the same thing that it’s done every day since the beginning of time. But then that quiet voice inside me whispered: “There are a thousand ways to draw the sun. And then still a thousand more.”

I feel it must be true because each morning is different. The colours, the hues and the way I feel – all are in a constant state of flux. The pictures the sun creates and the way in which I experience the world willing itself to life is never exactly the same. That is part of the beauty of this wild life.

This makes me think of those early school days when we were asked to draw pictures of skies with suns and grass with flowers, those days when teachers were quick to remind us ‘that is not how the sun looks.’ Not the right colour or shape or size or angle. Just like that, a child’s connection to the world of imagination is shut down, their creativity discouraged. It’s sad.

I wonder how Oom (uncle) Johannes, a Griqua shaman, would draw a sun rising in the Karoo, knowing that it is part of the miracle he speaks of – drawing his soul out of night’s little death and into life’s gift of a new day? I wonder what shades of inner peace would shape the Dalai Lama’s image of the sun? How would you if you knew that there were more than a thousand ways to draw the sun?

The rules we create are imaginary. Inside we carry wells of inspired creativity and the potential to create unique and beautiful things. We can create and experience the world the way our wild essence guides us to. We have the right to. Sometimes I forget this. Fortunately, life patiently keeps awakening both new and old truths in my heart. I’m sure there must be a thousand ways to relearn the same lesson too.


Pearls and Strings for Inspiration


Pic Via Pinterest

If you keep a Divinity Journal, Angel Journal or any kind of journal where you capture communication with your inner spirit, the angels, your guides and Divine Spirit in general, then I am sure you have pages full of wisdom and profound insights. I know I do. When I moved home at the start of this year, I shed a lot of my clutter. While packing up my life, I went through some of my old journals. I was in awe of the wisdom that found its way to the pages of these journals, so naturally I decided to hold on to them. It was such a beautiful experience to rediscover and relearn some of these spirit whispers and important lessons.

It got me thinking – My inner guide and Divine Spirit have clearly blessed me with wonderful guidance. In some instances, I was able to absorb these lessons right away, while others did not fully sink in and were forgotten about.  I am aware that sometimes we do not fully grasp lessons and that they often come back to us when the time is right. But revisiting these journals left me feeling that I wanted to find ways to integrate this wisdom more fully.  

Then a few weeks ago, I came across Jess Morrow’s ebook – Vocalize: Five Soulful Steps for Writing from your Center. In the ebook, she introduces a step she referred to as ‘Pearls’. Jess suggests that you read through your soulful writing, unearth the diamonds or pearls in the writing and then write them on flash cards. She then suggests stringing these pearls together into meaningful sentences.

I immediately fell in love with the idea. I’ve been having a field day applying the concept in my own way. I’ve been selecting particular words, phrases and sentences that stand out to me. Words that speak to me, that have deep meaning to me and that inspire me. I then write these pearls on little flash cards or sticky notes. I’ve place them by my bedside, stuck them into my vision board and used them as book marks because I know I will read them whenever I pic the book up.

I feel that in doing so, I’ve found yet another way to invite spirit into my life. I’ve made room for answers to find me. It has also allowed the initial seeds planted to be watered, nurtured and to start growing into even greater insights and understanding. Since I’ve started I’ve witnessed an amazing synchronistic flow as well. It is so interesting how simply changes can have such a profound impact.

So, I definitely encourage all of you to try this exercise out. Find your treasures, integrate them into your life in fun ways and draw on their energy in magical ways.