Guest Post: Meditations with the Three Me’s by Emma Happy Light

Note: Last week I had an amazing Energy healing session with Emma. During the session, I was introduced to the ‘inner me’, the fragile and fearful inner child self who needed lots of love and gentleness. Intrigued by the session, I invited Emma to write about her fascinating insights on the three aspects of the self. 

                                      Guest Post: Meditations with the Three Me’s by Emma Happy Light

My journey of healing began with the healing of others. I had many interesting sessions with my clients, I ran around the room like a crazy person with my sword of fire (On loan from Archangel Michael), battling the scary entities for the sake of my clients. I felt brave yet scared of these dark energies.  During one such session, I grew tired of the fighting. I threw down the sword of fire and sat on the couch (the client sleeping peacefully and unaware). I told the entity, ‘Do your worst, I’ve had enough’. From rearing up in all its dark shadowy glory – it suddenly dissolved into a normal man, but of shadow shades and it asked me, ‘What, aren’t we fighting anymore?’

‘Nope.’ I replied, ‘I’ve had enough. Do your worst. I give up.’

‘Oh.’ It said and we sat peacefully in silence for a few moments.

This seemed odd, so I asked it, ‘why aren’t you attacking me anymore?’

He explained, ‘I am your fear times 10. Whatever negative belief you have, I am obligated to amplify it and reflect it back to you.’ Now this is very interesting, as when I gave up the fight, when I stopped resisting his darkness, the darkness left. It was never there to begin with. I created it by being scared of it. My taught belief system had pre programmed me to be scared of entities / demons / darkness / the ‘shadows’

This entity, it turns out, was a really nice guy. He explained that nothing hurts us without our permission. He showed me that the client wanted him to be there and had subconsciously called to him and created a contract binding him to her. He said he wouldn’t mind leaving, but he still had work to do. I asked him what would happen if I removed him and he shrugged. ‘Well,’ he said ’You will remove me, but not with her permission. She will subconsciously call me back and we will start the cycle again, just a lesser version.’  In parting, he showed me the chord of attachment binding the two of them and put the knowledge into my mind that the chord would only truly be dissolved (permanently, not temporarily like forced chord cuttings) when she was a 100% aware and a willing participant.

This has taken years to process and digest. The result of all this thoughtful chewing has lead me to some behavior that might come across as a little bit loopy. I internalized this information and realized that it is not all out there, but in here. But what is in here?  Just me. Ok, how many me’s?  Just us three. (There are actually many more, but I chose to only focus on the main 3 personalities)

  1. Inner me
  2. The me we see
  3. Upper me

The three of us sit on one single long table. On my far right we find Inner me. On the far left is Upper me. And in the middle, we have the Me we See. We are forever caught on this see-saw, us three.

*Inner Me is scared, sad and angry. She is all the life hardships jam packed together into one energetic little bundle. She is the inner child, her age changing with each situation. She unintentionally hurts ‘the me we see’ with her fear which manifests physically as illness or pain. She creates all the contracts with the entities. The entities are never there without her permission and will only leave when she believes she is safe and also wants this change. The contracts are created during moments of trauma or fright as a child and they play out throughout our lives.  They were her way of protecting us when we needed help. Don’t hate her, she was very brave.
She fights and attacks perceived threats. This is closely followed by hiding under the bed and sucking her thumb. So this shows that she is a fragile vulnerable child. Upper me says all she deserves is love and soft gentle kind attention. She needs to be respected, heard and honored. The Me We See must listen.

*The Me we See has no patience for Inner me. She is annoyed and angry with her. She wants to get on with things. The cognitive mind has read amazing things and imagines that she is so capable and that this stupid energy block (inner me) must be removed at once so that she can get on with being instantly fixed and healed. She is stuck in the middle between beautiful gentle loving wisdom of Upper me and the fear and playfulness of the Inner me. She swings between worlds like a pendulum, sliding from one side of the table to the other.

*Upper me smiles softly and embraces us both, she understands us and is without judgment. She explains that she is part of the network of all living things. She is the connection that we all seek, her higher energy a goal to seek. As when we can feel it, it is euphoric. But she will not take away the lost alone feeling, so searching for the permanent euphoria from an upward source will not help. The three of us together in combined loving energy will accomplish this.

I asked Upper me to explain why it seems to generally be only Inner me, or the me that we see, that is in control of the body / words / actions. She showed me in a vision of Inner me scared and said, ‘When Inner us is scared, you’re sitting closer to her. Why don’t you comfort her?’
‘But why can’t you help? The Me we See asks
‘We are a jury, the highest vote wins. You are caught up in her fear, you feel your heart racing. Therefore you relate more strongly to her than to me. That means that I have been outvoted and the behavior that follows will be the result of her leading. 2 out of 3 wins hands down every time. Patience. With practice and over the years to come, Inner us will calm down. As long as she is paid enough loving attention.

Oh ai, this topic is very detailed and complicated. I am trying to simplify something that I have been channeling for 3 years. The easiest way to understand this is to see me in person or to book a skype session. Because it is absolutely guaranteed that during your session, Inner you will pop up out of the woodwork. She will introduce herself and will have a lot to say. She has been ignored for too long now. We will honour and respect her and only do what she is willing to do, as we can not force a healing on the inner you if she doesn’t want it.

Sometimes I feel like the aim of life is to learn how to love both sides equally, so that the table that we 3 share is shorter and we sit close to each other holding hands. Teamwork. Team me.


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Emma is an intuitive and energy healer based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. She is the creator of the Oracle of Colour oracle card deck. To find out more about Emma,  her services and the products that she offers you can visit her website: or Email her on: