Understand Your True Nature

“You are a Divine Immortal Being – a precious child of the Universe. Your primary purpose on Earth is to recognize your true nature as a Spiritual Creative Being.” ~ Sonia Choquette

As Sonia Choquette, Dr. Wayne Dyer and many other spiritual teachers have said – Your essential nature is powerful, infinite and Divine. It is magical and profound. When we arrive on this Earthly plane as a baby, everyone is in awe of our perfection and beauty. We are showered with love, acceptance and there is nothing that we need to do to prove our worth that anyone.

As we grow, this changes. Many of us become conditioned, brainwashed and groomed to forget who and what we are. So we start to identify with the ego. The ego creates stories about who it thinks we are. In the end you believe these lies, learn to hate yourself, belittle yourself and diminish your sense of self worth. You feel that you are imperfect and deeply flawed. Nothing you do is worthy and ending up striving to live up to a false idea of what perfection is, just so that you can justify the space that you take up. You feel that your mere existence is an inconvenience to the world. So to make ourselves feel better, we try even harder, still never feeling good enough. The ego fights to maintain control over your so that you remain fearful, unhappy and disconnected from your Divine nature.

Losing touch with your true nature is a common challenge that light workers face. When this happens, you feel lost, alone and abandoned by the Universe. That feeling of disconnection is a harrowing experience for most of us. Although the ego would have you believe otherwise, the truth is that, although you have grown and changed in many ways, nothing has changed about your true nature. You are still just as perfect, lovable and worthy right now as you were the day that you were born. Your intelligent, unlimited and creative spirit still dwells within you. The only thing that has changed is the way that you have learnt to think about yourself. And all that separates you from embodying the Divine expression of the Universe that you truly are is the belief that you are not Divine.

Sometimes we engage in a battle to tame the ego, which in itself ends up entrapping us in the ego. While some teachers encourage fighting to overcome the ego, others teach a much gentler approach. That is to bless the ego with love, handle it with kindness and to observe its antics with a light heart and humour. I find this gentle approach to be very effective for me personally. Deepening your spiritual practise and spending more time in meditation, in a state of peace, harmony and joy allow you to be better acquainted with your essential nature. As you do so, you are also better able to distinguish between the voice of the ego and the loving wisdom of your soul.

Connecting you a space of love is one of the greatest indicates of being aligned to our true nature. When we feel love, we are experiencing being with our heart and soul, and not with our head. Your Divine nature, your essence, your soul and the Mysteries of the Universe are all here in this moment. They have never left you. You just need to be more aware of it.