First Autumn Moon

“The first autumn moon swayed on up from the ocean, luscious and wrapped in rainbows.” ~ Sarah Elwell, Knitting the Wind

The first moon of autumn in my part of the world rose gracefully against the dark sky. I sat outside quietly for a long time, just watching. No ceremony and no candles, just the peace of the night sky hanging above and the moon silently looking down as if she was listening to the unspoken dreams in my heart. And that was enough.

It’s little wonder that the ancient Japanese created such beautiful words to describe things like this. In Japanese culture, the word tsukimi refers to the art of ‘moon-viewing’, or more specifically observing and celebrating the autumn moon (although I think this only happens in mid-autumn).

Before going to bed, I decided to pick some Evening primrose flowers to make an elixir. What better time to harvest these moonlight soaked blossoms than on the evening of a full moon? It felt sacred somehow. I put them in a small jar of water together with some moonstone crystals and then left it on the window sill overnight.

I slept deeply last night. I must have needed the rest. When I woke up this morning, I found myself wrapped cotton-soft cosy thoughts of Goddess pouring moonlight, love and healing vibes into the elixir waters. Who knows for sure what magic happens when we sleep? Regardless, my heart is comforted by this beautiful thought.


Night Flowers and Owls

When the sun starts sinking on the horizon and the first stars of night slowly begin to emerge, there are whispers outside my writing window that call me out to play. The evening primroses in their buttery yellow splendour open up and fill the air with fragrant beauty.

Did you know that some flowers only open at night?

I’d almost forgotten until these mysterious evening primroses began to charm me with their magic. Like elusive little creatures, they spread their petals to greet the dark starry sky, coming out to dance in the moonlight. They take me by surprise every time, because I keep forgetting that they are there, until I see them when I’m take my evening tea and watch the last light of day fade away.


The nights have been alive with an enigmatic sense of sacredness lately. I feel the unseen world creeping mischievously, lurking in the shadows, stringing together charms from the moonlight and writing spirit poems amongst the stars. A few nights ago, for the first time in years, I saw an owl. It flew right over us while we were enjoying a lovely supper outdoors at a friend’ place. It felt so special, this feathered symbol of wisdom and Divine feminine intuition gracing me with its presence. And then yesterday evening, I discovered a little friend in my bedroom – a frog. He too brings special messages, ones of transition, transformation and cleansing.

So, I’m left with the feeling that something is happening behind the scenes, though I don’t fully understand what as yet. I’ll thus do what I’ve learning to do best in recent times. I will remain open to what is coming my way and until then I will surrender, trust and flow with the grace of Goddess.