Nature is An Oracle

There is a gracefulness in the way that a feather floats through the air as it drift to the Earth. At times it seems almost as though it appears suddenly out of the ethers like a trace of an unseen messenger. The meaning attached to its timely arrival is nothing less than significant to me.


This is what I love about Nature. She is laden with so many aspects that could appear ordinary if you choose to see them that way. But when you look instead with your spiritual eyes through the wise lenses of your intuition, you begin to understand that this Great Mother is a living oracle.

Gaia is constantly interacting with our energy field, teaching you her healing language and inviting you to read her metaphors, signs, omens and messages just as you would read your favourite deck of Angel Oracle or Tarot cards. She is the embodiment of the Goddess and delivering wisdom and healing in partnership with Divine Spirit.

When you accept her invitation and interpret the deeply spiritual symbolic language of the Earth, a simple feather is transformed into the sign that you’ve been waiting for, a message from your Angels, a blessing from the fairies and guidance for you soul’s journey revealing the next step on your path.