Flowers can grow anywhere – and So Can YOU

Guided by the hand of Universe, seeds fall in weird and wonderful places. When growing in nutrient rich soils of gardens, meadows and forests they thrive, grow and bloom in beauty. But they can’t always control the environment that they land up in. Sometimes they don’t always have the best chances of survival. However, within each seed lies a strong will to anchor roots as deep into Mother Earth as it can and then stretch for the Father Sky to touch the sun. Determined little flowers can grow and blossom anywhere – in fertile loamy dirt, in rocky crevices of icy mountain tops, on pavements, cracks in walls or tar, in deserts and in snow. Sometimes even with just the tiniest bit of soil, water and sunlight is enough. 

Your Spirit is just as strong and resilient. Our lives are shaped and bent by various circumstances and life experiences. Sometimes we are blessed enough to live incredible lives in a nurturing environment and make our dreams a reality with ease. Other times, life throws us curve balls that turn things upside down. It is important to remember that these things, as hard as they can be to bear, don’t define us. 

You have the ability to survive hardship, overcome crises and live through difficult challenges. You are a resourceful creature. You were designed to handle anything that comes your way. You always have the power to change circumstances that do not nurture and serve your highest good.