Spiritual Inspiration: Boxes and Jars

What do boxes and jars have to do with Soul Therapy or Spirituality? These are two ordinary things that can be utilized for various every day uses. However, like most things, the meaning and function that you give them can transform their purpose completely.


Here are a few fun, yet purposeful ways that you can use boxes and jars for spiritual inspiration:


Reiki Box – This is a great tool to assist with manifestation or healing. To create a Reiki box, you basically use any small box. Write down a dream or goal that you would like to manifest or an area in your life where you need healing on a piece of paper. Place this paper in the box. You can also add crystals or small objects of spiritual significance into the box if you like. Then send Reiki and positive intentions into the box.

According to Reiki Rays: “… whenever you want, you just send Reiki to the box, intending that it goes to the situations identified by the pieces of paper in the box. This works very well, because the energy is guided by your intent. And when you added the requests, you intended that the healing you send to the box goes to them. (www.reikirays.com)


Calming Glitter Jar – A Calming Glitter Jar is a meditation tool. It can be used for both adults and children. Many people use them whenever a child feels stressed, overwhelmed, upset or as a time out. I made one for myself a while ago to use it in stressful moments. It’s amazing how watching the sparks of light reflecting from the glitter as it floats through the fluid helps me focus my thoughts and come back to the present moment. See how to make one here:

“Imagine the glitter as your thoughts. When you shake the jar, imagine your head full of whirling thoughts, then watch them slowly settle while you calm down.” ~ Angie Yingst

Find out how to make a Calming Glitter/Mind Jar –http://www.dumpyourfrump.com/2011/09/29/use-a-mind-jar-to-calm-yourself/



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God Box – God Box is one of my favourite angel oracles in Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy Oracle Card deck. The angel message that accompanies this card asks you to write your worries, concerns or desires on a piece of paper. You then place this piece of paper into a special box, referred to as a God Box. This is meant to be a way of letting go of your concerns and allowing Divine Spirit to help you.


Dear Universe Jar – I came across this idea in the lovely Jen Sauders’ blog – My Smiling Heart. Jen created her Dear Universe jar as a way to help her focus on her gratitude and goals more. For this, all you need is an empty jar. You can paint it or decorate it however you like. Place this jar at your bedside or in your sacred space. Then when the inspiration arises, write little gratitude notes or requests to the Universe and place them in the jar. On days when you feel down or unfocused, you can also pull a note to two out to reread them to remind yourself of what you have to be grateful for or what is important to you.



Pic via Pinterest