How to Surrender Your Fear

“To engender a sense of freedom, lie on your back and enter into the moods of the sky.” ~ Chrissie Wildwood

The night was so hot and uncomfortable. I went outside to lie down on the grass, the soft green chest of the great mother against my back. I breathed in the dark overcast sky knowing that no Goddess kissed raindrops would fall from it. Bats flew, criss-crossing through secret sky paths above me.

I could feel the tightness of fear and anxiety in my body and the many things that I’m afraid of rising to the surface: Judgement and uncertainty. The fear that I may never overcome the challenges of PCOS or carry a pregnancy to term, despite my efforts to heal and balance my body or nurture my spirit. And also those debilitating moments when I’m so consumed by anxiety that I cannot do simple things that come naturally to everyone around me. Fear has a sneaky way of convincing us that only dead ends lie ahead, even when that’s the furthest thing from the truth.


I looked up at the tree tops against the dark sky and inhaled their wildness. Their silhouettes swayed in the wind and I drew their freeing energy into the tight places of my body. Let it all go, whispered something in me. So, I tried to. I let my tension dissolve. I wanted to surrender to the night, to become part of it and to free the parts of me that felt locked in shackles. I needed to embrace my fear, surrender to the flow of love regardless, trusting that it would guide me forward to a more nurturing and positive truth. As Gabby Bernstein’s puts it so perfectly in The Universe Has Your Back, “By embracing my fear and surrendering my desire to be free, an even greater pathway to freedom is opened up to me.”

I realised that there is no fear in the wildness of things of the night, just a confident sureness, a deep Trust. So, I recognised that must be like bats who trust whole-heartedly in their inner guidance system to navigate them through the dark. I must trust my truth and the sound of my own voice the way they trust their screeches to reverberate through the quiet air and then return to them as a sounding board. And I must shake off my fear like the wildness of dark tree silhouettes on a windy evening and guide myself back to the confident space of love, trust and hope for new possibilities.

I inhaled the coolness around me and felt myself loosening up, aware of the sense of ease growing within. I remembered how in many difficult moments, surrendering to energy of the Earth and trusting in the Universe offered me refuge and insight, and I felt grateful that these glimpses of wildness have carried me beyond the fear and home to myself again. As I listened to the sky, it seemed to look back down at me and say: “Surrender…Be fearless like the wild night.”

be fearless

“The practice that will serve your highest good is the practice of surrendering to the love of the Universe.” ~ Gabrielle Bernstein

Meditation for Surrender: Centre yourself with a few deep breaths. Relax your body and clear your mind. What fears are unsettling you right now? What is causing you anxiety? Take note of what comes up and then set the intention to surrender these fears and anxiety to the Universe. Let it all go. Visualise everything being released from your body, from you mind and your soul as you surrender and let go. Feel the tension melting way more and more as you release. Now think about the more positive thoughts and feelings that you would like to cultivate within yourself. What are they? How do you want to feel? Allow yourself to continue to surrender your fears and replace them with more nurturing beliefs that bring your peace of mind, calmness and joy.

Affirmation: I surrender my fear to the Universe. I choose a loving perspective that serves my highest good instead. I choose to think good thoughts that nurture my soul and help me connect to feelings of deeper peace.

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The Moon and Wholeness

Is a crescent a broken moon?
The moon is always WHOLE,
even when parts of her fade into the darkness.

And so are you.

Like the moon, at the centre of your being is a loving light that will always guide you back to wholeness. Perhaps this is the gift that mother moon offers – a lesson of finding the light in broken times of darkness and how to weave ourselves into glowing masterpieces. With this in mind…

Let us plant seeds for wholeness this New Moon, and as the great mother moon swells with light and grows in her journey to fullness, may your tender heart fill with loving light and may you return to wholeness too. 


How To Touch The Moon

Have you ever touched the silver moon on a clear and starry evening?

This is what you do…

When the sun has sunken behind the hills and the sky has turned to night, then gather a small bowl of clean water in your hands and wrap your fingers around it, nice and tight. Go out into the garden under the dreamy indigo sky and feel the soft grass under your feet as the bats and night birds fly.

Breathe deeply.

Listen intently to the wild stories that the garden shadows whisper.

Look up to where mother moon is resting amongst the dancing stars and sit down beneath her. Collect her reflection on the water in your bowl and then sink your fingers into it, touching her circle of glowing light. Feel her wetness, so soft, cool and fluid. Feel the light of her soothing silver magic cleansing your hands as you touch her in the water. Cup your hands to gather her moon-drops in your palms and then wash them over your face. Let her healing flow over you and through you as you exhale, release and let her clear away everything that you are ready to let go of.

You are moon-touched, dear sister, because this is how you touch the moon.

touch the moon