The Golden Days of Summer and the Flow of Change

The golden days of summer have arrived.

While the North is slowly waking up to Spring, here in the Southern Hemisphere, Lammas has passed and the Autumn Equinox approaches. Already sign of autumn are setting in. Leaves are yellowing and the sunflowers in my garden are wilting as the reach the end of their life cycle.

There is solace in knowing that change is ever near. No matter how stuck or stagnant certain situations or projects in one’s life may feel for the time being, we can rest assured that impermanence is a given. This too shall pass.

The cyclical nature of Mother Earth reminds us that life and our own spiritual essence are always evolving and shifting through various phases of being, just like the seasonal flow. I feel it is the Goddess’s invitation to join up in the dance of life and flow with it – transforming, releasing, purging, surrendering, planting, sprouting and growing as you do.

Where will it take you?

You will only know when you get there. But one thing I know for sure is that there is bound to be magic and an unravelling of mystery along the way. So I say yes to the invitation, and am open  walking through the open gate and flowing with the change. What is life without the adventure of it after all?