The Gentle Dance of Grass Medicine

When the moon wanes, her fading light makes the cold night seem older and wilder somehow and I begin to feel the winter more deeply.

Lately, I’ve been finding comfort in the whispers of the grasses. I watch them in the fields on my walks. I see them dance with the winter breeze, speaking a breathy language of their own. Their voices sound like freedom, their rhythmic sway feels like grace. They calm my heart.

It’s difficult not to sense the ancient essence of what they once were when I walk and listen and feel beyond the surface. I wonder if sometimes at night these remnants of the once vast grasslands/savannahs that were here long before we built this city over them look up at the stars and dream. Do they dream of a time when lion walked among them and when herds of springbok grazed the grass stubble at their feet?

When I breathe their wild stories in then I feel my spirit set free a little more, a part of me swaying slowly side to side right there in their midst. A holy hush brushes up against me and I can’t imagine ever going back to a time when life was too busy to notice – this. Too busy to be still, to hear the wild Earth speak truth or to see the glimpses of sacredness that she mirrors to me.

I gathered a few pieces of grass for a little wild word mantra inspiration, to see what soul medicine they had to offer. I’ve been doing this more often lately. It’s a practise I’m trying to make more of a habit than an occasion exercise (and perhaps I’ll share of this more of the blog going forward too) because right now the mantras help me create a positive focus to centre on each week.

Here Are The Words That Came: Light, Flow, Dance, Whispers and Gentle.

My Wild Word Mantra this Week: I ignite my inner light when I surrender to the flow of life. I am willing to dance to the gentle rhythms of sacredness as I honour my heart’s whispers.

grass wild word mantra

Gathering Wild Inspiration

Just a short pondering for today….

The other morning, I stood there at the water’s edge in the gentle rain. Willow trees drooped around me and raindrops danced on the waters surface. I breathed in the peaceful earthy scents of wet trees and earth as I gathered inspiration for my writing, quietly listening out for wild stories and earth whispers. My heart came alive in a special way and in that moment,  I understood so clearly what John Muir meant when he said….

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” ~ John Muir

Where do you go to witness beauty or gather inspiration? And where do you find your peace and healing?

gathering wild inspiration.jpg


The Whispers Between the Raindrops

We’ve had a week of torrential rains since the new moon in Pisces. The Earth is soaked and I’ve been losing myself in the magic of early morning nature walks when the rain is still soft and gentle. Dreamy mists, cool breezes and the wetness on my skin, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. I’ve found myself pulled into a place of ‘leaning in’ and deep listening to the whispers between the raindrops.

I will always love the way that raindrops – free, full and falling little universes of their own – make my world stop. How they call me out of mazes in I’ve built in my mind and invite me stand in stillness and flow with grace all at once. Traces of yesterday are washed away in an instant and all that remains is this breath, this moment in time on a great journey to unknown places.


Grasses and trees wear raindrops with such pride, glistening boldly with the lustre of such lush wet adornment. I’ve always wondered if they experience what I do…do they feel the pull of sacredness?

And do you? Do you hear the quiet whispers between the raindrops, the one that invites you down the path to presence?   

rain berries