What is your heart calling you towards?

Hello dear wild and gentle heart,

I hope that my words find you in a space of peace. I’d like to invite you into a moment of stillness and deep breathing.

Look at the ocean picture below and breathe in its wild healing.

Relax and be open to following the ocean’s wisdom. Does it have anything to teach you? Let your breath and heart synchronise to the rhythm of the waves…deep, slow and steady.

Listen to what it is telling you.

Which part of yourself to do see a reflection of when you watch the waves? What place inside of you does the immense ocean mirror?

What does that part of you need right now? And how can you draw the medicine of the sea into your body and soul?


Spending the last few weeks of the year (2015) at the coast made me feel that I want to be like to ocean, because no matter how far it stretches out venturing over the shores, it always washes back and returns home to itself in the next breath.

Do you know what it feels like to come home to your own full heart over and over again? To be held in its grace?

I think we all do in some way. I want to feel the thrill of that reunion in a much bigger way, though. I want to rush back into my own arms and be fully immersed in my centre, my essence, in a more complete and accepting way than I’ve always struggled to. Don’t you?

Right now, the old tides of time have washed out to sea and are long gone. New waves are slowly washing in like soft laps upon a calm shore, a New Year full of hope and beauty. And of course this newness is stirring wild dreams within, awakening visions of what I hope the year ahead will bring. These dreams are still seeds, settling into the soil of my heart and slowly taking root. I’m allowing these stirrings to unfold at the pace that they need to, trying not to rush into giving voice to them. Slow beginnings are good. They make for authentic and solid foundations on which to build.

So tell me dear friend, what is your heart calling you to this year? May these wild dreams of yours be washed in love and light.