What is Your Art, Your Passion or Your Calling?

“Your art…is any way your unique true nature expresses itself in the world of Form. You track it by looking for moments in your life when you felt fascinated, lost in the act of creation.” ~ Martha Beck

The crisp air settles on my skin. I sit on the moist grass for my morning meditation. There’s something so etheric the early morning with its pale blue sky and birdsong. Mother Earth sings cool whispers of love. I sit, firmly rooted on the ground and I feel the peaceful Earth energy rising into my body, connecting to my heart centre and expanding my awareness.


Come rain or sunshine, this is how I begin each day. Being present in Nature is food for my soul. From as young as I can remember, I was a flower charmed nature soul. I would spend hours lost in play in gardens, parks, long rivers and in wild open velds. It’s little wonder that connecting with the Earth and harnessing inspiration, wisdom and healing energy from this Great Mother has become my ART. When I first began walking this path as a healer 2 years ago, I wasn’t sure how eco-spirituality would fit into my spiritual services, but I knew that it would happen at some stage. Now things seem to be falling into place and I am find ways to incorporate this with my other passions – spirituality and writing. I am excited about the changes that are in the works. I am excited about where this process is taking me. The BLOSSOM LIKE A FLOWER GODDESS ebook with be available for download next week. Also, In upcoming months I hope to have a few exciting new offerings to share.

In the meantime, I have a question for you dear souls.


What are the things that you were born to do? What are the things that you can do without even thinking about it because they resonate so closely with who you are? In her book, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, Martha Beck describes your art as the thing that gives your soul a means to express your unique and true nature in the world. Your art is the thing that you can do with your eyes closed, because they have been such a natural part of your life.

Throughout my life, Natures has been my healing balm, writing my truest means of expression and finding my way to a spiritual path saved my life. These are things that I’ve spend more than ten thousand hours doing, things that I have deep practised. These were my clues.

What are your clues to finding who you are? Get lost in them. Be captivated by them. Continue to deep practise them. Give them space in your life. Allow your art to being you home to your Spirit. Transform you art into your life’s MASTERPIECE.  

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