Embrace your Inner Apple Seed (Part 2)

In the first part of this article, I drew some insights from apple seeds and some of the facts presented about them in Michael Pollan’s book, The Botany of Desire. This article expands on that a little more.

Pollan briefly outlines a process called grafting that is used to domesticate apple trees. As explained previously, each apple seed produces an offspring that is unique and varies from the parent plant. So to ensure that a tree produces delicious apples that are to the farmer and his market’s liking, the farmer cuts a piece of wood from the desirable apple tree, creates a groove in the new apple tree and then inserts the wood from the desirable apple tree into it. By using this method, the new tree abandons its individuality and takes on the characteristics of the parent tree.

As people, we undergo a similar process of domestication. We become programmed with ideas and beliefs that are not of our own choosing or design. There are certain stories that get passed on to us from parents, teachers, the media, society and world leaders. These stories may not resonate with who we are. And so we live our lives according other people’s scripts. In the end you become like a domesticated plant confined in an orchard or garden, programmed to be a product of someone’s making. This leaves you little room to grow freely.

Too often, people just accept that this is how their lives are meant to be. But, there is something in us that recalls the joy of growing wildly and freely. This memory comes as a whisper from your soul. It is a gentle nudge to remind you of who you are. The more you heed these whispers, the more you remember that no orchard is suited for the magnificent being that your inner apple seed is meant to be.

You have your own scripts to write. However, part of doing that involves undoing the programming and scripts that don’t serve your life purpose and your highest good. Then a journey of self-discovery begins, as you become acquainted with your true essence, reprogramming new beliefs, ideas and stories that in turn create a new reality. The tree that your apple seed grows into and the fruit it bears are bound to be a unique expression that only you can bring to the world.