Wild Essence Book is here!

There are so many feelings stirring within me right now. Excitement, joy, anxiety, gratitude…but mostly gratitude.

Why?  Because the day has arrived!

After months of sweat and toil, months of writing, editing and getting to the nitty-gritty of the publishing process, my book, Wild Essence, is now published and available for purchase.

I am so grateful to be able to share the contents of my heart with you through these pages. Wild Essence is a book about connecting with your true self, the wild and beautiful essence alive within you and releasing what keeps your wild heart domesticated. It’s a spiritual journey about liberating and re-wilding your soul to return to that natural sense of personal peace and freedom.

Since I find so much inspiration and healing from Mother Earth, the book also includes intricately woven threads of wild whispers, insights and analogies from Nature.

As I shared in a blog post a last week, Wild Essence my love letter to the women of the world – women like me – whose souls have been broken in to submission to remind them that they are essentially wild creatures of profound beauty who are meant to be and express all of who they are, not lurk in the shadows.

Wild Essence is available for purchase at Balboa Press, Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.

wild essence cover

Return to the peace and freedom of your inner wilderness!

With Love

Jodi Sky