Saturday Soulful Reading (link shares)

Happy Saturday!

I haven’t shared any links in a while, so I  thought I’d do so today. Here some blog/sites that have been a source of soul soothing nourishment for me lately:  

Knitting the Wind. Doesn’t that conjure up an image of feral beauty? Sarah Elwell’s words are nothing short of that. I discovered the Knitting the Wind blog just a couple of months ago and instantly connected with Sarah’s writing and her gift for story crafting. I particularly love the beautiful collection of wild stories she’s strung together in her Driftways e-book.

This week, kindred spirit, Anne, shared a precious post about the heart healing medicine of roses. Reading this inspired me to write about the evening primroses in yesterday’s post.

Annapurna Living, which was found by Carrie-Anne Moss, is another well that has been quenching my thirsty soul with gentle and enriching insights.  Carrie-Anne’s vision is to create a space “to support and celebrate heart-centered, soulful women—artists, healers, entrepreneurs, mothers, Yogis, and any woman who nourishes, uplifts, and inspires through intentional living.” It is wonderful to see that this dream is coming into fruition.

Writer and storyweaver, Sharon Blackie, shares some fascinating content on the Re-enchanting the Earth blogsite. Her rich tales and mythlines, imbued with much spirit and wild Earth whispers are always an adventure to read.

Wishing you a restful and gentle weekend of happy reading.