The Gentle Dance of Grass Medicine

When the moon wanes, her fading light makes the cold night seem older and wilder somehow and I begin to feel the winter more deeply.

Lately, I’ve been finding comfort in the whispers of the grasses. I watch them in the fields on my walks. I see them dance with the winter breeze, speaking a breathy language of their own. Their voices sound like freedom, their rhythmic sway feels like grace. They calm my heart.

It’s difficult not to sense the ancient essence of what they once were when I walk and listen and feel beyond the surface. I wonder if sometimes at night these remnants of the once vast grasslands/savannahs that were here long before we built this city over them look up at the stars and dream. Do they dream of a time when lion walked among them and when herds of springbok grazed the grass stubble at their feet?

When I breathe their wild stories in then I feel my spirit set free a little more, a part of me swaying slowly side to side right there in their midst. A holy hush brushes up against me and I can’t imagine ever going back to a time when life was too busy to notice – this. Too busy to be still, to hear the wild Earth speak truth or to see the glimpses of sacredness that she mirrors to me.

I gathered a few pieces of grass for a little wild word mantra inspiration, to see what soul medicine they had to offer. I’ve been doing this more often lately. It’s a practise I’m trying to make more of a habit than an occasion exercise (and perhaps I’ll share of this more of the blog going forward too) because right now the mantras help me create a positive focus to centre on each week.

Here Are The Words That Came: Light, Flow, Dance, Whispers and Gentle.

My Wild Word Mantra this Week: I ignite my inner light when I surrender to the flow of life. I am willing to dance to the gentle rhythms of sacredness as I honour my heart’s whispers.

grass wild word mantra

Wild Word Mantras

As a writer with a deep spiritual connection to the Earth, I draw much of my inspiration from the natural world and the Divine feminine energy it connects me with. I’ve mentioned many times that the wild stories the Earth are a source of insight, wisdom and healing to me. My words and Nature are strongly tied together.

A while ago, I read a passage in Masura Emoto’s book The Miracle of Water, where he suggests that our fore-mothers and fathers “learned the first language of humankind by listening to the various vibrations and sounds created by nature.” I know very little about the origins of language, but I like this idea and there are indeed various instances where you can just sense the energetic connection between an aspect of nature and the word used to describe it.

I’ve been sitting with the nature pieces that I collected for my autumnal altar last week, just attuning to their consciousness, drawing out their wild words and then stringing those together into healing affirmations (the way I wrote about in a previous blog post – Gathering Your Inner Wild…). I’ve started off with the acorns. The impressions that came were Grounding, Abundance, Potential, Seeds and Fertility – words that resonate with the kind of healing I’m seeking on my wild mother path. So I’ve incorporated them into an affirmation, the mantra I’m meditating with and integrating this week.

Whenever I create and use these earth inspired mantras, I feel small healing shifts take place in me and in my life. I look forward to seeing what kind of shifts the acorn energy affirmation sets in motion.

Have you tried working intuitively with Nature to create affirmations? What was the experience like for you?