Mermaids, stars and the Wild Unknown

Last night, I felt like I was drifting amongst the stars.

I laid on my back, floating in the cool water, while looking up at the stars sparkling against the indigo night sky. The moon was a bright sickle on the horizon. Small dark patches of clouds drifted here and there. The only sound I could hear was the rhythm of my breath and at some point it was as if the water and sky became one.

I wondered if this is what mermaids feel like, watching the diamond stars and the crescent moonrise. I imagined them buoyed in the calm and silent sea, the womb waters of the Goddess, when the ocean depths are dark and its intricate sea gardens hidden, looking up to the light that the night skies offer.

Swimming at night is a whole different world. There is always the fear of what may be there in the water, but cannot be seen in the darkness. We learn to fear the unknown. I remember the sensation of unseen fish brushing against my skin a few times when I swam in the ocean. It’s so eerie because you are never sure what it actually is. But as I’ve written in my book, Wild Essence, there is value in venturing beyond the fear and into the wild unknown, because that is where the magic lies – in the unknown wilderness of life and of our souls. That is how we grow. That is how we discover who we are. That is how we set ourselves free.

night swim