Make Monday the Start of a Miraculous Week

Are you dreading Monday? Then it might be time for some positive life changes.

Happy Monday! It’s a new day, a new week and the start to a new month too. I find beginnings exciting. They hold the opportunity for new and positive changes to take foot in your life. Yet, so many people dread the beginning of a new week. Are you one of them?

If you are feeling reluctant to face the week ahead, then it’s a clear indication that something is out of sync. Perhaps you feel trapped in your job or some area of your life. Maybe you are feeling stuck or stagnant, but don’t know how to move forward. These kinds of situations can such the joy out of your life. But what if you could experience Mondays differently? Ask yourself the question: What would make me wake up overwhelmed with joy and full of enthusiasm on a Monday or any morning for that matter? How would your miraculous week look? You can wake up excited at the possibilities that this fresh start brings.

I used to feel that way too. On Monday mornings I would wake up with a sense of anxiety and dread at the thought of going to work. Monday’s meant returning to the unhappy reality of an unsatisfying job and a toxic office environment. Then when I began to embrace my spiritual calling more and more a couple of years ago, I reached a turning point in my life. I asked myself: What If I could experience life differently?  And with the right action steps and the guidance of Spirit, I was able to make a complete change and pursue a path that I was passionate about. In September 2011, I finally found the courage to walk away from my job and stepped into a new life.

The answers to these kinds of questions point you in the direction of your Joy Path – the path that resonates with you Spirit on a deep level. This path is aligned to your life purpose. When you live in alignment with your core, you inevitably experience a greater sense of joy. You have peace of mind knowing that you are where you are meant to be.  When you uncover the things that fulfil you, it’s important to try an incorporate them into your life. Making little adjustments, one step at a time you allow yourself to break free from entrapment in an fulfilling life.

A wonderful approach that has helped me has been to be open to possibilities and to expect miracles to show up in my life. ‘Something Wonderful is about to Happen” has been my personal motto for the last year. Expecting miracles and wonderful experiences opens an invisible door that invites a flow of blessings and abundance to you. I’ve seen this at play in my own life, and I know that you can too.


So instead of viewing Monday as the beginning of the dreaded week that you don’t feel like facing, find reasons to be enthusiastic about it. Make it the beginning of a journey to fulfilling your dreams. Start making the changes that you need in order to live a life that inspires you. Schedule something exciting on Mondays so that you look forward to it. See the Universe bringing joyful experiences to you. Be open to receiving unexpected gifts and always believe that Spirit is guiding you to your best life – that or something better for the highest good of all.