Honouring Feminine Wisdom

Some days I see clearly that the soul is made of stories, because when I sit in the peace of the early morning and the first light awakens my essence within, then deep forgotten tales come alive somewhere inside. The light is so gentle this morning, the air so quiet and comforting. As the drooping twigs sway just slightly in the soothing breeze, they remind me that inner peace has always been my end goal and I am grateful for moments like this when I find it.

In my heart, a wild place in me whispers: I embody the Goddess. I embody sacredness. I am love. I am light. I am healing….I will carry this mantra with me today because they are came from a place of wisdom and must be the medicine that my soul needs right now.

Beneath me, the Earth is wet with dew and vibrant with Divine Feminine love. Nature is my path to many things – healing, a profound understanding of the world, peace – and of course my path to Goddess, especially Goddess, because the two are so deeply intertwined.

The more I draw aspects of the natural world into my life, the louder the voice of the feminine speaks. Most recently, I encountered an important lesson on honouring feminine wisdom through the pink roses that I’ve found great joy in surrounding myself with. I wrote about this experience in my latest article for Over the Moon Magazine. You can read it here if you’d like to: What Flowers Taught me about Burnout.


May your day be filled with peace, love and light.

Morning Journalling

Early bird. Night owl. We all have our preferences.

What are yours?

Do you dance barefoot under the stars enchanted my Mother Night’s mystery?

Or do you wake up with the first rays of the quiet rising sun and listen to the birds rejoice as colour returns to the world?

As you may know, I love am an early riser. I love the stillness and golden magic of day when it’s slowly waking up. Mornings are when I meditate, journal, drink tea and write.

So I’m honoured to participate in Monica Sabolla Gruppo’s Everyday Journals interview series where I discuss my morning journaling ritual and how it feeds into my life and my writing.

You can read the interview here…Morning Journaling with Jodi Sky Rogers

Some of my Journals