Do You Set Intentions to Support Your TTC Journey?

The New Moon gifts you a fresh start and an opportunity to plant new seeds for the things you want draw into your experience over the lunar cycle of the next month. This is a great time to reflect, dream and set intentions.

Do you set intentions for your feminine wellness or your fertility journey? Take some time to think about the intentions you could set to support your fertility and your overall wellbeing on your path to parenthood.

How can you nourish your body? How can you nurture your soul?
What kinds of feelings or experiences would you like to cultivate more of?
Which dreams or personal goals and visions would you like to pour energy into in the meantime?  

When it come having a baby, there are so many factor outside of our control. It can be overwhelming, frustrating and all-consuming at times. Sometimes it’s empowering to turn your attention to the things that you can control, and intention setting is a helpful way to do so.

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