A Gentle Way into the New Moon

“NEW MOON in CANCER is teaching us to dive deep within to uncover the hidden pearls of self-love and compassion. While the seas of change threaten to bring us under, we must find our feminine flow and ride the currents to new shores.” ~ Mystic Mamma

I’d hoped to emerge a fresh maiden with the rising energy currents of tomorrow’s New Moon. Alas, although my mind and heart are alive with ideas and inspiration, by body hasn’t quite caught up yet. I’ve finally overcome the flu, but other health issues are slowing me down still. Along with winter’s cold grip, it’s got me feeling like an old broken crone. So I’m focusing on giving me body the rest and tender care that it needs.

Sometimes self-care is easier said than done. There is an underlying urge to push myself to do more even when my body is asking for the opposite. Half the battle is giving myself permission to take the time that I need and remembering to stay centred in awareness so that I return that space of inner peace and then just listen to what my body and soul are asking right now. Nonetheless, I’m managing to breathe and journey through life in a gentle way as I quietly gather more strength. I’ve put various tasks, chores and the need to be doing on hold for a bit and am drawing on my ‘inner mother’ whose nurturing I need to love and heal myself.

While I’ve chosen to surrender to this period of sacred pause and won’t be jumping into action as soon as I’d hoped, I am still holding my intentions in my heart, visioning and dreaming them into being, quietly under the warm blankets and between sips of delicious chocolate banana smoothies. One of such dream is an inner beauty meditation. It will be the first free sample of a series of audio meditations I am creating in the near future. I hope to have this first meditation completed and ready to share in the next couple weeks. It’s something dear to me because I created when I needed to release a negative self-perception and learn see more value and beauty within. So using this meditation has had a profound effect on me and I hope that I can share the experience with others too.

In the meantime, may the vibrations of the New Moon bless the intentions and dreams in your heart, as well as guide you to a place of self-love, compassion and divine feminine flow.

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New Moon Whispers

New Moon blessings to you dear souls.

What gentle dreams are forming in your wild heart?

Envision them. Call them to you. Dream them into being.

Plant wild seeds, water them in the New Moon’s whispers and watch them grow.

new moon whispers

Exploring the Lunar Cycles with Tea and Tarot: New Moon

New Moon blessings to you all!

What seeds are you planting this cycle? What does your wild essence call you to?

The Tea

I’ve decided to explore the new lunar cycle in with tea and tarot, intuitively selecting a tea for each phase of the moon, and drawing one tarot card for guidance and meditation for each phase too. Since the new moon is a time of seeds, intentions and setting dreams in motion, the tea that I felt called to work with is Chai Spiced tea. It felt fitting and symbolic to draw the energies of a tea made up of bits of bark (cinnamon), root (ginger) and most importantly – seeds (cardamom and fennel) – into my body at this time. And it helps that the warm and deliciously spicy aromas of chai tea always put me in a dreamy mood too, which is the perfect space to get into when setting intentions and painting visions for future manifestation. The words that come to mind when I look inward to draw out what it is that my wild essence desires to see more of in my life are specific and simple – Finding the Goddess in everyday, Resting in the embrace of inner peace and De-cluttering and releasing whatever stands in the way of the vibration of simplicity that I crave so much.

The Tarot

The tarot card that I drew for the new moon is – Father of Earth. This card brings messages about groundedness, connecting with the earth to find stability and inner firmness, finding satisfaction in the discipline of soulful work and thoughtfully focusing on your strengths and self-confidence to complete unfinished projects in order to harvest the benefits. The earthy masculine energy of the card gives me a sense of a provider who is focused on their purpose, with clear set intentions and a sureness that comes from being grounded in the present and grounded in their inner truth. Looking at the card, the clay bowl full of grains in the earth father’s arms stood out to me. I got the sense that the grains are the harvest, the fruits of our soul work, but they are also seeds. While we enjoy the bounty we reap at the end of one cycle, some of what we harvest needs to be stored and planted for a new cycle. Each completion is also a new beginning. Some of the rewards we gain from completing a project need to be invested wisely into a new cycle of production. To sustain ourselves we need to keep something for to replant and continue the cycle of life. We need to invest in ourselves, in our dreams and in our well-being.

This tarot message resonates a lot with me, especially in the context of self-care and my writing life. So I am taking the guidance to heart.

Crystals and Essences

Two other things that are accompanying me through this new moon journey are crystals and African Tree Essences. I’m working with clear quartz and amethyst crystals. They always help me connect with my inner world, visualize and bring the intuitive visions of my wild essence to the fore. The Platbos African tree essences are my all-time favourite flower essences to work with. Platbos is an ancient forest along the Western Cape coast of South Africa. So the wisdom and energetic vibration of the essences made from the blossoms of these ancient trees always have a profound effect on me. For the new moon, I am working with the Pock Ironwood essence, the essence of intuition, to draw out my wild intuitive resources and to allow greater receptivity to the wild whispers of Goddess.

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