Forgotten Women of the Water

It rained all night and the bamboo chimes on the veranda danced in the storm all the way through to the early morning. I felt the dry river filling in my sleep and slowly begin to move again. Something inside of me quietly began to move again too.

I woke up to a grey world. All was still, wet and drenched in soft light. So, when I drew the Daughter of Water tarot card this morning, it seemed fitting for this dreamy rain soaked day. The Daughter of water reminds us that our delicate feminine qualities, the softer parts of our wild essence, are searching for expression and she calls us to allow ourselves to be led by our deepest stirrings. These are messages that I’ve been leaning into a lot in recent times.

The Daughter of Water got me thinking about forgotten women of the water. Not just mythical mermaids, but real women of the water too.

Women like the Ama, the last remaining Japanese mermaids who for free dive to gather abalone, shellfish and pearls – a tradition that their mothers, grandmothers and the women in their line have followed for nearly two thousand years.

Women like Chiaro Vigo, whose story I discovered via Sarah’s blog. Chiaro is said to be the last woman who makes sea silk. Her story, her craft, her sea silk medicine and her profound connection with the ocean is just so beautiful it moves me deeply.

I can’t explain what it is about the watery threads of their beautiful stories that weave together tapestries of emotion and deep thought inside me. Perhaps it’s that they seem Goddess touched or that their stories somehow reaffirm the ancient link between the ocean and our delicate feminine qualities. They awaken the hidden pieces of the ocean that I carry in my womb.  In some ways, these stories also remind me of the power we have as daughters to carry our mother’s and grandmother’s stories into the future.

Wishing you a peaceful and watery weekend.


The Tide is Coming in )O(

I had just meditated with my moonstone crystals and was about to drift off to sleep when I heard that quiet inner voice saying:

“The tide is coming in.”

I opened my eyes.

‘What tide?’ I wondered. I live in the central interior, no coast insight.

When I closed my eyes again, I saw the image of the beach I used to swim at when I lived in a coastal town as a child.

Intrigued, I did a quick Google search to check on the tides. Behold, just as that inner voice had proclaimed, the tide was indeed coming in at that very moment. High tide.

There is never a dull moment when one lives attuned to the Mysteries of the Universe and the Goddess.  

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(*Note: Today’s blog post is from a journal entry I made a couple of weeks ago around the full moon.)