Osprey – a spirit messenger

There is a quiet joy alive in my heart this morning, a sense of gratitude for the gentle breeze resting against my skin and another beautiful grey day. Inside, I hear my inner voice chant the words ‘thank you, thank you, thank you…’ And with that gratitude comes the openness to what magic the day may bring.

Last night, when I was reading just before going to bed, my eyes came to a halt on the word ‘osprey’. It hit me that I’d come across the word four times yesterday, all in different places. It felt like a sign. A spirit animal message. So naturally, I researched the meaning of osprey. It carries many meanings. The osprey teaches about precise timings, clarity of vision, challenging comfort zones, setting boundaries, inner authority and confidence among other things. It is also connected with solar energies, which I found interesting considering that I’ve been doing work on my solar plexus chakra and meditating with a Sunstone crystal lately.

solar plexus

It amazes me every time how these spirit or power animals come into my life with messages that resonate so strongly with the space that I’m in.

Stacey LL Couch, the author of Gracious Wild: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks, put it very beautifully when she mentioned that:

“Simply put, a power animal is a guardian angel. A power animal is an animal in spirit form that travels with us, offers guidance, and protects us.”

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that I’d be featuring her here this week. I had the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her connection and shamanic relationship with Nature, so I’m really looking forward to sharing what she had to say on the blog tomorrow.

In the meantime, have a blessed day.