Wild Stories and the Heartwood Beneath the Bark

The Earth weaves wild stories from gossamer threads of Divine wisdom. She does so with the grace of Goddess and the skill of an ancient storyteller. She whispers lessons and speaks in metaphors, her tales always a source of guidance for our spiritual paths.

I love collecting pieces of her wild stories. Since childhood, I’ve found them in stones, under rocks, among fields of flowers, between the fine threads of feathers, in the sound of crashing ocean waves and whispered to me in the wind. I’ve always collected feathers, leaves, pebbles, raw crystals, shells, driftwood and mental pictures of the stars. It wasn’t until I came of age and started keeping a Nature journal while studying an Environmental degree, that I consciously began a deep study of the Earth and learned to hear her wild stories.

With each new insight that Mother Earth shared, I’ve found myself reaching deeper into my inner wilderness. The mystical magic of her poetic wild tales were teaching me return to a natural essence – the essence of my long abandoned feminine soul. Each day I get better at embodying this aspect of myself. I’m learning to explore and intuit the Earth’s wild stories in new ways every day too. The more I uncover her arcanes and integrate their lessons, the more my desire to share and teach grows. This is why I am so excited to be offering the Spirit Wilding eCourse.

This weekend, while exploring some of my favourite Nature spaces to see what Autumn has to share, I found myself collecting pieces tree bark. They told me tales of how like trees, we too build thick protective layers of bark and barriers around the soft heartwood resting at our centre.



At times, these barriers form the shield that we need to protect our fragile interior from harsh external forces and negativity. Its armour gives your inner world, your creativity and your wild feminine essence a safe space to exist and grow. However, just as a tree sheds its bark from time to time, we too need to know when to release old defences once they no longer serve us. What shielded and protected you at one stage of your life may no longer be necessary when circumstances change. If you hold on to old barriers, they keep you trapped in outmoded behavioural patterns or locked in fear. It stifles your growth. Chokes you. Suffocates you. Keeps you small.

Shedding your bark and exposing the soft wood of your interior may leave your feeling vulnerable. But often the smoothed trunk revealed beneath the hard exterior is a magnificent work of art. Unveiling the elusive wild soul for the briefed moment in time brings you face to face with the incredible beauty that rests within. One cannot help but want to stroke the smooth surface and marvel are the marbled wood shades of the masterpiece that it is.

smoothed wood


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